Life-changing stories from real Numi™ users.


Jennifer P.

"Best $100 I've ever spent. Tried a bunch of garbage products before finding out about Numi. So happy!"


Carly M.

I love it ! I use it every day on my belly and so far I have lost 2 inches!!!


Steph G.

"Great product! Idk who invented it but it really does work. The science and my results speaks for itself."


Meaghan F.

"Amazing device. It does everything they claim it does and more. Thanks Numi!"


Carly M.

"I was considering lipo but I tried Numi first. I saved thousands of dollars."


Maria R.

"I used Numi to get rid of cellulite on my legs. Check out the pic I attached. Amazing!"


Donna R.

"I lost a few inches on my waist measurements total after this treatment as I took my measurements the next morning. It was only the first 7 sessions and it’s been two weeks now since I got my Numi, it hasn’t bounced back yet. Been watching my diet, no gym, and drinking lots of water. Going to continue more sessions soon and looking forward to it."


Jennifer D.

"I’ve been looking for a place that was non-invasive. At first, I was looking into CoolSculpting but it was too expensive. I decided to look up ultrasonic cavitation and to my surprise it worked great! I did 5 sessions with my Numi and made sure that I am on a healthy diet, I would see the results I wanted. I’m not quite there but I see the difference. I lost a bunch of water weight and I feel great! "


Kristine D.

"I didn't feel like my stomach was getting any flatter till I took this picture today. I think it's still shrinking (yay!)."


Debbie M.

"As you can see, I have more than “stubborn fat” areas in my mid-section, so I was very skeptical whether this would even more a dent. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my results! After 5 treatments, I’ve lost 4 inches, my clothing fits much better and I can finally see my waistline. It doesn’t hurt and there is NO downtime. You are advised to drink plenty of water afterwards to flush out the fat cells. They also advise to exercise and eat healthy. I didn’t really exercise, but I did cut back on junk food in my diet. I will be doing a few more on the stomach and then move on to the saggy arms next!"


Alice M.

"I saw this non-surgical body slimming device online. Overall It's a very effective procedure with no down-time. I'm choosing a non-surgical slimming method so there is no scarring. This is certainly not for overly obese people but it's effective for regular people with fat deposits. My problem area is always my mid-section."


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